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What to Expect When Joining an HOA Board

What to Expect When Joining an HOA Board How HOA management companies can help you do your job and enforce your community’s rules and regulations You’ve decided to serve as an officer for your HOA board. Now what? As an HOA board member, you’ll be responsible for enforcing the rules and regulations put forth in your [...]

HOA Management vs. Property Management: What’s the Difference?

The Difference Between HOA and Property Management Companies HOA management companies require a different set of skills than property management companies; here’s what sets them apart While property management and HOA management may sound like one and the same, they are actually quite different. Yes, both involve the management of housing communities in some form or [...]

Hiring an HOA Management Company

Guide for HOA/Metro District Board Members So, You Need a New HOA or Metro District Management Company… Being on the board of your homeowner’s association or metro district means making decisions, representing your neighbors and tackling many tasks you might not have been initially prepared for. These include meeting preparation, homeowners support, fee and bill collection — just [...]

Interesting HOA and Housing Marketing Statistics You Should Know for 2020

We all know the Northern Colorado housing market is booming. New neighborhoods are popping up left and right, whether for single-family homes or multi-family condominium buildings. In the past 10 years, everyone suddenly realized how vibrant and thriving our community is, and they want in. We can’t blame them. With this new development comes an increase in the number of homeowners’ [...]

What to Look for in an HOA Management Company

If you are a board member of a homeowners’ association (HOA), you might find that the position you signed up for takes a lot more time than you initially thought. That’s why most HOAs hire association management companies to help them with a variety of tasks — so they can focus on policymaking and being a neighbor, while the company handles the [...]

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