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The goal of homeowner associations and metro districts is to ensure their communities are protected and well-maintained, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for all who reside in them. Board members are charged with making policies; Kellison is charged with executing those policies. Together, we can protect and increase property values without the drama that often comes with these kinds of organizations.

We only do one thing, but we do it very well. We’re small enough to be extremely efficient and responsive, yet big enough to have 24 years of experience doing exactly what your board is looking for. Our predictable pricing model also ensures that when you choose Kellison, you know exactly how much you’ll owe for our comprehensive services each month — no hidden fees or surprises.

Learn more about the general services we can provide your HOA or metro district board below, and contact us today if you think we are a good fit for your long-term needs.

This service covers anything and everything HOA and district board members need assistance with in regard to efficiently running their communities. This includes administrative services, accounts management, site and operations management, accounting services and consultation services. Have a question or problem? Kellison solves it for you.

Whether it’s collection of utility bills or development fees, one of our specialties is in ensuring your neighbors pay what they owe on time. With help from our convenient online portal, our fee collection and billing process is streamlined, seamless and easy. We also provide homeowners with any compliance or past-due notices and violation letters, so you don’t have to.

Unlike other management companies, Kellison handles all accounting in-house, meaning you’ll get an immediate response when you ask for any financial statements or reports. Our team is experienced in preparing and monitoring annual budgets, compiling accounting ledgers and documents, monitoring cash flow and accounts receivable, processing invoices and checks, preparing financials for audits and other accounting tasks.

Each of our neighborhoods is assigned a designated community account manager, a local representative who is extremely knowledgeable about what it takes to keep homeowners satisfied and informed. We promptly respond to all emails sent our way from homeowners with questions or concerns, and we provide 24/7 emergency services for your community’s worst-case scenarios. Moreover, we can quickly respond to status letter requests and provide any other necessary real estate closing documents to those who ask for them.

Our local account managers will routinely drive through your neighborhood to ensure all homeowners are adhering to community rules. Our team also uniformly enforces these rules, keeping detailed records of any violations, and providing compliance reports for board members. We also administer property inspections and provide inspection reports and documentation as necessary.

If you need assistance with the development of legally binding documents for your neighborhood, our experts can serve as a useful resource. We have years of experience drafting, administering and monitoring contract agreements as well as providing documents for lawyers, if it gets that far — and more.

Our account managers attend our client’s board meetings, assisting with any preparation and/or facilitation. Following each meeting, we make the documents easily accessible for anyone who might need them.

We’ve been in business for more than two decades, so we know which local vendors for facility maintenance, landscaping and other common areas will work best for our clients’ communities. Our team handles all coordination of vendors for your neighborhood and supervises them to ensure they are meeting the board’s standards. If they are not, we’ll solve the problem or assist you in finding a new vendor.

Being a board member of a homeowner association or metro district isn’t as simple as everything we’ve listed here, and we get that. That’s why Kellison will discuss your vision, mission and goals with you during our initial consultation, and will provide what you expect from our management company on a day-to-day basis. Whatever is agreed upon is exactly what you can expect from our services — every single time. Simply put, we do exactly what we say we will do.