At Kellison, our team knows HOA management best. We work with HOA boards in neighborhoods across Northern Colorado, from Fort Collins stretching all the way south to Berthoud and east to Greeley. We provide responsive communication, insightful advisement and constructive leadership for clients who need our HOA management services.

Contact us today with any further questions and to find out what makes Kellison different from other homeowner association management companies in the region.

Your Fort Collins HOA Management Company: What We Do

Residential homeowner association management has been our sole focus of expertise for more than 24 years. Our experience in the industry has given us great clarity when it comes to difficult situations. Chances are, we’ve solved your problem before.

We’re proud of our predictable pricing model. A set cost covers day-to-day management tasks, including our in-house accounting, collection of homeowner fees, homeowner and vendor support, neighborhood drive-throughs and more, which you can learn more about below.

HOA Board Support, Planning & Advisement

Since HOA boards have a large scope of responsibilities, our staff helps volunteer board members with everything from budget planning and management to policy execution. If you have a recurring issue with a specific homeowner, we either help you solve it or solve it for you.

Fee Collection

Kellison will help ensure your neighbors are paying their HOA dues on time. We offer a convenient online portal for our communities to help streamline the fee collection process, making it as seamless as possible for homeowners to know exactly how much they owe, and exactly when they owe it.

In-House Accounting

We can prepare monthly financial reports and create HOA board financial statements with ease. Our team has experience processing invoices and checks, keeping record on all accounts payable and receivable, paying vendors promptly and collections, as well as other necessary accounting tasks.

Homeowner Support

Kellison makes it a priority to help the homeowners in your neighborhood, promptly responding to email requests and providing 24/7 emergency services. Our team assists in answering any questions homeowners might have concerning community rules, monthly and annual fees and more.

Neighborhood Drive-Throughs

Confronting your neighbors about any violations is something we do best. Since every member of our staff is local, it’s easy for us to do routine drive-throughs of your neighborhood to ensure your neighbors are following any community rules. We’ll also be the ones who uniformly enforce these rules for you, keeping detailed records of compliance reports and of any violations that have occurred.

Legal Assistance & Contract Management

The Kellison team has years of experience assisting HOA boards with comprehensive legal services, such as entering into contracts and working with attorneys when necessary. We help facilitate the creation of contracts and legally binding agreements to ensure those in your neighborhood are adhering to the rules that protect your neighborhood.

Board Meeting Attendance

Not only can our staff attend your board meetings, but we can also assist with any board meeting preparation and facilitation. Any public documents produced during these meetings are made easily accessible for those who need them.

Vendor Supervision for Maintenance of Facilities, Landscaping, Etc.

We’ve been in the business long enough to know what vendors can maintain and serve your community best. Kellison will handle any coordination of vendors for your common area facilities, landscaping, amenities maintenance and others.

Day-to-Day Management Tasks

To keep your HOA running smoothly every day, Kellison helps our clients with anything that may arise in the course of typical day-to-day management, such as common area inspections, document management and more.


Our local account managers develop long-term relationships with our clients. They are always there to help you efficiently solve problems that might get thrown your way as a volunteer board member of a homeowner association. We are small enough to be there when you need us most and experienced enough to help your community thrive.

You focus on making the best decisions for your neighborhood — Kellison will handle the rest. If your current Northern Colorado HOA management company isn’t working for your neighborhood, it may be time to switch gears and reach out to Kellison. We can address any issues you might be facing head-on and use our decades of experience to fix them.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to check out our FAQ page or reach out to our team at your best convenience.